AUDIO: Cops Release Interview Tape From Al Gore Accuser

An audio recording from the interview between a detective and the massage therapist who accused Al Gore of groping her has been released by the Portland Police Bureau, and you can listen to it here on

AUDIO: Listen To Part One Of The Interview Here

AUDIO: Listen To Part Two Of The Interview Here

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In the tape obtained by, Detective Molly Daul is heard interviewing the woman in January 2009, two-and-a-half years after the alleged incident occurred and after she’d canceled three previous appointments with investigators.

As has previously reported, the woman spoke at great length about her hotel room encounter with the former Vice President who she called a “crazed sex poodle.”

Her claim was that Al wanted far more than a massage. She said he groped her and forced her hand down his trousers.

Al And Tipper Gore Splt

Police did not bring charges against Gore, who recently separated from wife Tipper, and have said the case is closed unless new evidence is forthcoming.

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