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VIDEO: Michael Jackson’s Kids Clown Around On YouTube

When Michael Jackson was alive, he kept his children in seclusion—at times they even wore masks, but RadarOnline.com has learned that they are now expressing themselves on video in ways his father probably never imagined.

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Watch The Children’s Videos Right Here On RadarOnline.com.

Two of Michael’s children —Paris Michael Katherine and Prince Michael Joseph II also known as Blanket — have taped videos that have been uploaded to YouTube.
The videos reveal their creative sides and also show them having fun playing around just like other kids do.

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The first one features 12-year-old Paris dancing and rapping. The second video has 8-year-old Blanket humming the theme from Star Wars and playing with a fictitious Lightsaber –computer graphics are superimposed on the screen. It includes a brief cameo from one of Jermaine Jackson’s kids, who tries to lift Blanket up. “We’ve got a crazy man here,” Blanket teases.

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The final video is the most mysterious of all. It has Paris looking right into the camera and saying “Monkey please help!”

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It appears the children inherited a love of music and dance from their famous father—the King of Pop.

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