VIDEO: Little Josie Duggar Returns To The Hospital

The littlest Duggar Josie returned to the hospital after her brief stay at home on the latest episode of 19 Kids and Counting that aired Tuesday night on TLC. Josie, who was born almost four months early, had been released from the hospital, and was able to eat and breath on her own and the family happily welcomed her home.

Three days after she was able to come home, Josie was taken back to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital after Michelle noticed that she wasn’t eating. “I was really terrified, I didn’t know what was going on,” she said.

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The frightening phone call made by Jill to the 911 operator detailed little Josie’s problems. “She’s a little preemie and her heart rate is dropping,” Jill said. “My mom is trying to do skin to skin with her to warm her up but we think her core temp is down. She’s on full oxygen now but it seems to not be helping her too much.”

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Michelle described the problem Josie was having. “She wasn’t wanting to eat and if she doesn’t want to eat she’s not going to gain weight and she couldn’t poo so she didn’t want to eat. It was a cycle that wasn’t going good.”

Jill accompanied her mom and Josie back to the hospital and Michelle explained “this is why we wanted to stay in Little Rock.”

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“We’re just going to be careful about feeding her and making sure she can get bigger,” Michelle said about Josie.

The episode also focused on another little Duggar, the first grandchild Mackynzie, Josh and Anna’s daughter. Josh and Anna take her to work with them at the car lot and she gets to play with them while they’re at work.

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Jim Bob brought the younger boys and Joy Anna back to their home in Springdale to prepare the house for Josie’s homecoming. The kids cleaned up the house and even took down the Christmas decorations that had been up for four months!

“It’s been a difficult couple of months but God got us through it,” Jim Bob said.

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On the next episode the Duggar children go to the Little Rock Zoo. 19 Kids and Counting airs on TLC on Tuesdays at 9pm.

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