VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan Is In Cannes, Says She’s In “Compliance” With Traffic School

Lindsay Lohan isn’t letting an all-important court date that’s just four days away from getting in the way of jetting off to France.

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“I’m off to Cannes to announce the movie,” she told Hollywood.TV, referring to her role in a biopic about porn queen Linda Lovelace.

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Lindsay, who arrived in france Sunday afternoon, also claimed not to be worried about her Thursday court showdown.

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“I’ve just finished some more traffic school. I’m in compliance more than ever,” she said, with the disclaimer that it would take her two and a half weeks to finished the number of classes the court has order in her DUI case.

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That doesn’t bode well for Thursday’s meeting with Judge Marshal Revel.

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It her last face-to-face with Lindsay, Judge Revel spoke to Lindsay sternly about completing all the ordered classes; no excuses.

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Her father Michael has told he thinks rehab might be the best thing for his daughter. Lindsay, obviously disagrees.

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