VIDEO: Betty White says Jay-Z Gave Her “Love Pat” During SNL Gig

Betty White told Jay Leno on the Tonight Show Wednesday night about her chance run-in with hip hop king Jay-Z during her highly-rated appearance last week on Saturday Night Live.

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The 88-year-old Golden Girls star told Leno that the 99 Problems singer gave her a little good luck pat on her derrière during the show’s taping.

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“Tell me about Jay-Z, I understand he got a little fresh,” Leno said. “What happened there?”

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“Well, he didn’t get fresh,” White said. “He just got … desperate, I guess, I don’t know … he walked by and patted me — and not on the shoulder!”

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As previously reported, White’s unlikely stint hosting SNL started when a Texas man created a Facebook page campaigning for the pop culture sensation to host the program, which garnered a massive response from fans of the  Emmy winning star.  White fans have also taken to the social networking Web site in campaigning for her to host the Oscars and Emmys, as well  as making an appearance on the Fox hit show Glee.


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