VIDEO: Brittany Murphy’s Husband Had “So Much To Live For – So Much Going For Him”

In an interview with Matt Lauer Tuesday morning on The Today Show, Roger Neal, the publicist for Brittany Murphy’s late husband, Simon Monjack, expressed his shock at the sudden death of the 40-year-old.

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Neal said that Monjack was “full of life” and explained that he had spent Saturday evening with Monjack and Brittany’s mom, Sharon, discussing upcoming events for the Brittany Murphy Foundation. Neal told Lauer that Monjack was planning a press conference for next week and an awards ceremony for September to raise money for the foundation, which is all about helping inner city kids learn the arts. Going on to say, “He had so much to live for – so much going for him – he was a very busy guy.”

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When it came to his overall health, Neal said that Monjack had told him he needed bypass surgery but had said, “I’ll be fine, just let me get past this gala and I’ll be fine.” Neal explained, “He put himself to the side because he wanted to fulfill that part of the legacy for Brittany.”

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As for reports that Monjack was abusing prescription drugs, Neal was adamant that he wasn’t, saying, “This was a guy that was fully alert, very focused, he had so much going on.”

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And when it comes to Monjack’s mother-in-law, who discovered his body late Sunday night, in the same house she had found her daughter’s lifeless body just 5 months previously, Neal said, “[Sharon’s] a very strong woman – I don’t know if many of us could endure what she’s endured in the last five months.” Going on to say, “She’s obviously devastated, she loved him like a son.”

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