Tiger’s New Florida Lair To Get Some Air

Tiger Woods is building a Michael Jackson-like oxygen chamber at his multi-million dollar Florida lair — which apparently — helps treat such ailments as arthritis, chronic fatigue and even herpes.

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While there is no suggestion the golfer is constructing the home treatment center for that reason, this form of therapy is a known remedy for injured athletes.

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Through his attorney, Woods has filed notices of commencement paperwork to also begin work on a practice golf course at his 9,000-square-foot home in Jupiter Island.

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According to documents filed in Florida — and first obtained by the Palm Beach Post — Tiger also plans to install four new pools: a lap pool, a dive pool, a reflection pool and a kiddie pool.

READ THE DOCUMENT: Tiger’s New Florida Lair To Get Some Air

The paperwork did not say who will live at the house, in the future.

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But the construction of a kiddie pool would inevitably prompt speculation that Woods plans to remain at the home despite a looming divorce from long-suffering wife Elin.

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Oxygen rooms often contain a hyperbaric chamber, a coffin-like steel tank that delivers pure oxygen to the body in high atmospheric pressure.

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Michael Jackson was said to sleep in one in an attempt to remain young-looking.

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It makes sense for Tiger; he recently suffered a neck injury and will return to competition at next week’s Memorial Tournament after a layoff.

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Last year, the philandering golf star admitted to using a hyperbaric chamber following rumors that he was using performance enhancing drugs.

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