Tiger Woods Golf Coach Confirms He Was A Sex Addict

Tiger Woods‘ former swing coach is confirming what RadarOnline.com told you first, that the famed golfer is a sex addict!

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In an interview airing Sunday on The Golf Channel, Haney was asked what Tiger was treated for during his six weeks of counseling.

“The only thing I knew about was his issue with the sex addiction,” Haney responded.

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“It’s an ongoing day-to-day battle, but so far I think he’s doing a really good job.”

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Haney had been Tiger’s swing instructor for six years before resigning last week.

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He still considers himself a friend but also spoke candidly about the impact all the scandal has had on Tiger’s performance on the course.

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Woods, who is now also suffering from a neck injury, is away from the PGA at least until the US Open, a month from now at Pebble Beach.

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