PHOTOS: Whoops! Kate Hudson Almost Does A “Lindsay”

Lindsay Lohan isn’t the only celeb who sometimes loses her footing, and has the pics to prove it.

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Lovely Kate Hudson, 31, nearly fell in the middle of the street in the Meatpacking District of New York City on Thursday while walking to the set of her new dramedy Something Borrowed.

Apparently, the Nine star tripped on her own pants!

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In her latest film – based on Emily Giffin‘s bestselling novel Something Borrowed – Kate plays Darcy, a beautiful bratty bride who gets everything she wants.

Sparks fly when Darcy’s best friend, a young lawyer named Rachel, (Ginnifer Goodwin) falls in love with her fiancé, played by Colin Egglesfield.

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(Remember Colin? He played “Auggie” on the revamped Melrose Place before abruptly being cut from the cast after only 13 episodes.)

The Office‘s John Kransinski also stars.

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Something Borrowed hits theaters next year.

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