PHOTOS: Tara Reid’s Bikini Body Is Back

It was dubbed one of the worst celebrity plastic surgery disasters you will ever see: Tara Reid’s botched liposuction and breast enhancement operation.

PHOTOS: Tara Reid’s Bikini Body Is Back

But as has discovered, the American Pie star as finally got her body — and life — back on track.

Reid showed off her bikini body during the “Love Festival” held at The Palms Casino Resort on Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The actress had previously admitted her body was disfigured after a joint liposuction-breast enhancement operation went wrong in 2004.

PHOTOS: Tara Reid In Bikini Mode

She said: “I got lipo because even though I was skinny, I wanted – I’m not going to lie – a six-pack. I had body contouring, but it all went wrong. My stomach became the most ripply, bulgy thing.

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“Right after the surgery, I had some bumps along the edges of my nipples, but the doctor said, “Don’t worry, it’s going to be better.” But after six months of “it’s going to get better,” it started to get worse and worse.”

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After having surgery to correct the botched procedures, Tara is clearly feeling confident with her body again.

Instead of the Tara’s previously bizarre, rippled look, her stomach is now looked smooth and flat.

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