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PHOTOS: Dr. Phil Shaves Off His Mustache For First Time in 40 Years; But He’s Growing It Back!

Dr. Phil shaved off his mustache on the Oprah Winfrey Show live from New York Friday “because Oprah asked him to,” a source told

PHOTOS: Dr. Phil Shaves Off His Mustache

The whiskers were shaven off by Master Barber Carl Cwiok from the Art of Shaving with some help from Dr. Oz and Oprah. Oprah was celebrating her magazine’s 10th anniversary.

VIDEO: Oprah Shaves Dr. Phil’s Mustache

On Oprah’s sweeps show, Dr. Phil says he’s taking his own advice “be willing to change something!”

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Then he said “For the first time in over 40 years – and I have two kids and they’ve never seen me without a mustache – I am going to take off my mustache,” McGraw announced to the audience of more than 5,000 people at Radio City Music Hall. His wife Robin, looking on from the audience, said, “Oh no!”

Oprah said the new look made him look younger.

A source close to the show tells “he plans on growing it back. Oh God, yes!”

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