Mindy McCready Calls Dr. Drew For Help

Celebrity Rehab alum Mindy McCready called Dr. Drew after she was rushed to the hospital Tuesday morning in Fort Myers, Florida, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

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Mindy’s mom, Gayle McCready Inge, tells RadarOnline.com that “We tried to call Dr. Drew, but we couldn’t get him.”

Mindy is in frequent contact with the board certified addiction specialist and even got a letter of certification from him for her recent custody hearing in Florida.

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Mindy, who has had drug and domestic violence problems, lost custody of her 4-year-old son Zander, 3 years ago and was in court last week trying to re-open the case.

Her mom Gayle has been Zander’s guardian ever since.

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Gayle says she “may have overreacted.” She admits giving her daughter Darvocet to ease the pain from a broken foot.

She says “She (Mindy)  was not completely able to talk to me and she was spilling her coffee.” Gayle called 911, when she saw an empty bottle of pills. Earlier Gayle told RadarOnline.com that she thinks Mindy mixed the Darvocet with her regular meds and had a bad reaction.

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Mindy’s stomach was not pumped and she is now listed in good condition at Cape Coral Hospital.

Dr. Drew could not be reached for comment.

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