Lindsay Lohan Putting On A Brave Face — Checking In For Probation

Lindsay Lohan is adjusting to the sober life, after being court ordered to abstain from all alcohol and non-prescribed drugs and fitted with a SCRAM bracelet to ensure she sticks to the rules.

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Lindsay turned up for her first probation meeting Thursday, where it is expected that the terms of her mandated random drug testing will be implemented. From Thursday on Lindsay could be called to be tested 24/7, and a refusal to test will register the same as a dirty test – so she better be on her best behavior!

But has learned that just because she can’t partake in any party favors doesn’t mean she’s sitting at home sipping tea – that just so wouldn’t be la Lohan’s style!

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Wednesday night Lindsay paid a visit to hot Hollywood club Las Palmas and despite being sober, spending the night guzzling Red Bulls and water instead, it didn’t stop her from being the life and soul of the party.

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“Lindsay seemed in great spirits,” an eyewitness tells “She was all smiles and was really chatty with everyone, she looked totally happy and healthy.

“She was even joking at one point that the SCRAM bracelet has really cut down on her fashion choices as she’s kind of stuck with wearing bootleg jeans so no-one can see it.

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“There were quite a few celebrities there – Emile Hirsch, Adam Levine, Danny and Chris Masterson, and Shane West and she was flitting around talking to everyone all night.

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“If she’s bothered by her drinking ban she certainly didn’t show it , or maybe she’s just a better actress than I credited her to be!”

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