Lady Gaga Tests For Lupus

Lady Gaga is once again making headlines, but this time it’s not for her outrageous outfits.

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In a new interview, the singer was not putting on a poker face when it came to admissions about her health, revealing that she has been tested for lupus, a disease which runs in her family.

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“I’m very connected to my aunt, Joanne, who died of lupus,” she told the London Times.

“It’s a very personal thing.”

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The pop star wouldn’t discuss the test results, but rumors about her health condition have swirled since she collapsed on stage during a New Zealand concert in March.

She was also forced to postpone two concerts in the U.S. due to exhaustion.

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Gaga also admitted she recently had to call for emergency personnel during the Japanese leg of her tour.

“I was having trouble breathing. I had a little oxygen, then I went on stage,” she said, adding that she has experienced heart palpitations.

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“But it’s okay. It’s just from fatigue and other things.”

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Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can involve the organs and joints and can include symptoms of arthritis, hair loss, fatigue, nephritis, and other serious problems.

But the “Paparazzi” songstress assured her fans: “I don’t want anyone to be worried.”

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