VIDEO: Jon Cryer Opens Up For First Time About Adopted Daughter

Jon Cryer and his wife Lisa Joyner have spoken for the first time about the daughter they adopted last year, and has all the details.

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“Daisy is amazing, she is almost nine months,” former entertainment reporter Lisa said in an exclusive interview with L.A. TV station KTLA.

“She is sunshine in little human form and her brother couldn’t be happier.”

Jon Cryer And Wife Adopt

Lisa explained that she is adopted, and that her decision to adopt with her Two and a Half Men husband was “not a trend thing.”

Cryer thanked his “new baby girl” when he won an Emmy last September but, like adoptive mom Sandra Bullock, has been determined to keep the newest addition to his family out of the limelight. 

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Jon and Lisa have not released photos of Daisy.

Cryer is involved in a knock-down-drag-out child custody and support battle with his former wife.  The two have a son, Charlie, 9.

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“There are efforts you have to take to keep things private when you are in show business,” Jon said.  “You just sort of have to let people know what willingness you want so you can set some limits.”

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