It’s A Small World After All: Children Cookbooks Use Cuisine To Explore Culture

We here at are always scoping the Web for the latest and greatest items for parents, and we’ve found one with Handstand Kids.

The company, which has been featured on The Today Show, sells cookbook kits that are packaged and designed to introduce children to the culture, language, and cuisine of a new country.

Each kit comes with an accessory relevant to the fare such as chopsticks for the Chinese cookbook kit, or a pizza box with an over mitt for the Italian cookbook kit. The books are also packed with the info your kids need to maintain a healthy diet, offer helpful hints about cooking for special diets and find ways to use cooking skills to support the community.

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In addition, the cookbooks also offer children an introduction to the languages of the respective culture they are learning about, as all of the ingredients and utensils are translated in to the country’s primary language, and these translated words are used in the recipes to help kids learn the language while they make its’ delicious delights.

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