How To Get The Smokey Eye Look:

Afraid of looking like Amy Winehouse after a bender? Us too. So we love the brand-new ShadowBlast stick, which makes it easy to create a bold, colorful smoky eye.

The two different, specially contoured ends of the ShadowBlast stick make for accident-poof application. If you’re not sure what color you are, get “color matched” on the site.  Pick your hair color, eye color and skin tone to get a duo that flatters. For example, we’re blonde (kinda of), blue-eyed, with a far complexion, so it chose the  Onyx / Smoke combo.

We recommend practicing it a few times before you take it for a trial run, but after few applications we feel like a pro!

And like all Cover Girl products, it’s affordable at $8.99.

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