EXCLUSIVE: When Reality Collides – Tool Academy 3’s Jordan Alexander Is “Heartbroken” Over Jersey Shore’s Angelina

In what would be a match made in reality TV heaven, RadarOnline.com has learned that Tool Academy 3 star Jordan Alexander is crazy head over heels about Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick.

In the first season of Jersey Shore Angelina had a boyfriend and fled the show after only two episodes, but RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that  since splitting with her beau Angelina has been making up for lost make-out time while filming season 2 in Miami, Florida.

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Meanwhile, Jordan seems to have become a love statistic, after hooking up with the Jersey Shore hottie then being left behind to pine for Angelina’s heart.

“I was just starting to get to know her before she left to shoot the second season and I’ve been heartbroken ever since,” Jordan told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “I’ve been feeling bad because she has only called me once in the last two weeks.”

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Jordan said that he has made attempts to contact Angelina but reaching her on the Miami Beach house phone has been a challenge.

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“When I called the house and asked to speak to her, J-WOWW answered and asked my name, and as soon as I told her, she hung up,” poor Jordan lamented. “She just doesn’t like me.”

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Jordan first realized he liked Angelina when they starting making appearances at clubs together, explaining that he knew he was falling for her because he “felt really jealous when she spoke to other guys.”

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“I miss her and wish she would call me more,” Jordan said.

He realizes that Angelina is working now but would like to have a chance to see her in the future. “I just hope we can spend time together after they finish shooting Jersey Shore’s second season and before I start shooting my next show,” a clearly smitten Jordan told RadarOnline.com.

C’mon now Angelina – pick up the phone and put the poor boy out of his misery!

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