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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Young Hollywood On Hottest Fashion Trends – And Even Ugg Boots

Trendsetters in music, film and fashion were on hand at Nylon Magazine’s Young Hollywood bash at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood Wednesday night, and RadarOnline.com was there to find out from the sexy studs and starlets what are the next hot trends on the way to a rack near you.

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Singer/actress Christina Milian told RadarOnline.com’s Viviana Vigil she thought shoulder pads were coming back into style, and agreed with her friend who offered up the cute “suspenders and gloves” answer.

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The musical duo 78special (formerly known as AJ & Aly) was on hand, and said that they’re seeing neutral colors complemented by pops of color cropping up everywhere in LaLa Land.

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Gorgeous Eclipse star Julia Jones said her preferred trends have already hit — army jackets and combat boots.

“Those are my two favorite things,” she said.

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We also asked the young stars about Ugg Boots, the surfer-inspired footwear that’s been popping in and out of vogue for the past three decades. 78special lauded the boots for their comfort, while Milian said she still wears hers.

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“I think they’re hot still,” Milian said.

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Weeds star Seychelle Gabriel, 19, said that since her father was a surfer, she’s been wearing them forever and that she loves them.