EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Heath Ledger’s Mom & Sis On Young Matilda – “She’s Full Of Energy Like Her Dad”

Some of the brightest talents from the outback hit the red carpet for Australians in Film’s 2010 Breakthrough Awards at the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills Thursday night, and RadarOnline.com was there to catch all the happenings on a night the late, great Heath Ledger was honored with a scholarship in his name.

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“It’s a great honor that they’re bestowing on Heath, having a scholarship in his name,” the late actor’s mother, Sally Bell, told RadarOnline.com’s Viviana Vigil. “I think it’s just amazing, the sponsorship that’s gone into it, the generosity of people.”

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We also asked Bell about Matilda Rose Ledger, Ledger’s 4-year-old daughter with his Brokeback Mountain co-star Michelle Williams.

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“She’s quite amazing,” Bell said. “She’s got light and she’s full of energy like her dad — I see a lot of similarities, so I hope Michelle’s getting ready for all that energy.”

Many in attendance, such as Australians In Film spokeswoman Sophie Scarf, praised the late star of The Dark Knight for the “incredible generosity” he displayed to his countrymen.

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“He’s housed hundreds of Australian actors,” she said. “His house in LA was almost like a halfway house.”

Ledger died at the age of 28 in January 2008 from an accidental overdose of prescription pills.

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