EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: In The Closet With Caprica Cutie Magda Apanowicz

Sci-fi startlet, Magda Apanowicz has accumulated a massive following, playing Lacy Rand on the Syfy series, Caprica, and it is not hard to figure out why. The down-to-earth, gorgeous and sassy Canadian actress, who initially made a name for herself on the hit ABC Family drama, Kyle XY, invited RadarOnline.com into her Los Angeles home, where she showed off her eccentric red carpet wear, creatively coined casual duds and a few funky dance moves she has in store for Ellen!

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After showing off a few cute minis, which she wore on the red carpet of various Caprica events, she explains about one particular dress “I’d like to re-use it, but I hear after you’ve been photographed you are not really allowed to.” When RadarOnline.com reporter Katie Krause suggests that she could let a friend borrow it, Magda shamelessly and confidently admits “most people don’t like my style.”

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What makes her style different from most Hollywood starlets?  The self-proclaimed “hobo chic” star reveals what she really thinks is sexy, and it has nothing to do with dangerously high hemlines or low-cut tops.

“I find it sexy on guys, I find it sexy on girls,” she enthusiastically exclaims of her favorite print, “I love plaid!”

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Growing up in Canada, the 24-year-old was exposed to a different sort of style lingo, referring to hooded sweatshirts as “bunny hugs” and beanies, “tukes.”  When Katie challenges her headwear terminology, the quick-witted actress jokes “beanies are toys,” alluding to the furry collector toys.

When Katie plucks a pair The Ellen Show boxer shorts out of Magda’s closet, which she received when she was an audience member at the show, the sci-fi sweetheart confesses that she is a huge fan of Ellen Degeneres. She even has her dance routine ready for the day she is invited on the show, and gives Katie a little sneak peak at what the talk show host has in store.

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Magda reveals a near red carpet disaster, at a recent Caprica event, showing Katie a pair of unconventional high heels. “The most unpractical shoe you could ever get is a shoe that closes with Velcro, because when you take a step, the Velcro actually comes undone, and so do the shoes, and they fall off.” The crafty star saved herself from a wardrobe malfunction at the last minute, letting Katie in on her style secret. “I bought a pack of black safety pins and I literally, safety-pinned my shoe to my foot!”

To catch more of Magda, tune in to her hit show Caprica on the Syfy channel.

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