EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Woods Steps Out With Mystery Blonde

It looks like Tiger Woods is back on the prowl.

The golfer was spotted earlier this week with a blonde beauty on the golf course in his gated community, RadarOnline.com learned exclusively.

And the blonde was an Elin lookalike, an eyewitness told RadarOnline.com.

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Tiger and wife Elin have both hired divorce lawyers and have been estranged since Tiger’s secret cheating life was exposed.

Elin has refused to move back into the house they once shared, choosing instead to continue living in a rented house approximately one mile away.

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Tiger and Elin have virtually no contact anymore, as RadarOnline.com first reported.

“Tiger was on the golf course the other day, hitting balls,” an eyewitness told us. “He was with a very pretty blonde who looked a lot like Elin. She was sitting in the golf cart while he was playing.

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“They were talking and laughing and obviously having a good time.”

RadarOnline.com has also learned that Tiger has been back in the nightlife scene in Orlando. He has been out several nights — without Elin.

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“Tiger has been out frequently,” another source told RadarOnline.com. He particularly likes Embers, a restaurant/bar.

“He doesn’t want to stay home alone anymore.”

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Tiger and Elin have been leading separate lives, with Elin taking four trips without Tiger during the past two months.

And while there was no outward sign of romance between Tiger and his mystery blonde this week, it was also clear that it signaled a change for Tiger.

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“She sat in the cart laughing and chatting with Tiger for a long time,” the eyewitness said.

“They were very comfortable with each other, relaxed. It didn’t look like the kind of scene you would see if Tiger and Elin were still living together and happy, that’s for sure.”

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