EXCLUSIVE: Sandra Bullock Stays At Beverly Hills Hotel; Avoids The Madness

Her soon-to-be-ex-husband broke down in tears and confessed his infidelities on national TV this week, but Sandra Bullock was once again hidden from the prying eyes of the public.

The woman who has handled betrayal with quiet grace was at the Beverly Hills hotel, RadarOnline.com learned exclusively, keeping a low profile and immersing herself in the most important job of her life – mother.

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Several sources told RadarOnline.com that Bullock spent days at the hotel, mostly staying out of sight and deliberately avoiding the paparazzi who are so desperate to photograph her in the wake of Jesse James’ cheating confessions on ABC’s Nightline.

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“She’s become the greatest celebrity Houdini,” one photographer told RadarOnline.com. “She can escape from any situation – but she does it without being seen.”

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There have been few photos of the Oscar-winning star since the revelation of James’ multiple affairs. And her public statements about her husband have been kind considering what he did to her. She filed for divorce in Texas.

The Beverly Hills hotel is exceptional at protecting the privacy of its guests, making it the bane of L.A.’s snap-hungry paparazzi. That protection coupled with the hotel’s luxury and private bungalows, make it an excellent choice for a celebrity like Bullock.

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Her movements have been so secretive that all the paparazzi know for certain is she was there earlier in the week but they quickly lost her trail.

“She was there,” one source told RadarOnline.com. “But who knows, tomorrow she could turn up in New Orleans.”

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Bullock bought a house in New Orleans and has spent time there recently, shopping without trying to avoid photographers, and spending time with her newly adopted baby Louie Bardot.

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