EXCLUSIVE: Read Letter To Mindy McCready From Her Cousin, Rejecting ‘Full-Blown Lies’

Mindy McCready‘s cousin has penned an open letter to the troubled country singer and leapt to the defense of her mother Gayle McCready Inge, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

While James Cartright Jr. admits the troubled songstress is a “very charming person” and “a beautiful, talented woman”, he says the 34-year-old is full of “half-truths and full-blown lies” and is “haunted by her own denial.”

Cartright states in the letter — sent exclusively to RadarOnline.com — that he is speaking out to protect Mindy’s four-year-old son Zander, who lives with Gayle in Fort Myers, Florida.

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“Mindy has repeatedly made claims against her mother which are either inaccurate or untrue,” Cartright writes in the letter.

“Mindy says she is ready to commit to being Zander’s mother and that her previous troubles are over. Her entire family wishes that were true.

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“Mindy is a very charming person. She can be funny and at times she can even be giving of herself. She is a beautiful and talented woman who continues to be haunted by her own denial.

“She tends to blame others for her problems and frequently turns stories around to suit herself.

“She is prone to half-truths and full blown lies.”

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There are conflicting reports about what transpired Tuesday when country singer McCready was rushed to Cape Coral Hospital.

McCready adamantly denies reports of an overdose or attempted suicide.

But Gayle, who spoke out exclusively to RadarOnline.com, said her daughter tried to kill herself by taking a near lethal dose of prescription pills.

Cartright writes that McCready has consistently used and taken advantage of her mother’s forgiveness.

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“She will go on rants, calling her mother crazy and abusive and that she wants nothing to do with her,” he says in the letter.

“Then the next thing you know, we as her family see her staying in her mothers home and acting as though nothing had ever been said and that everything is great.

“Mindy uses people to get what she wants.

“She has used her mother and taken advantage of her mother’s forgiveness and willingness to turn the other cheek.”

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Cartright insists Gayle is only trying to protect her daughter. He says Gayle’s home is a “calm and loving” environment for Zander.

He states: “Gayle’s only fault is being a mother who tried to protect a child that continues to stab her in the back every chance she gets Gayle was under the impression that things were going well with Mindy during her stay and tried to downplay the overdose situation by taking the blame over reaction for Mindy’s sake. After she did this, she found out Mindy was bashing her behind her back. She finally decided enough was enough and she wasn’t going to cover for someone who was so quick to throw her under the bus. She has sat idly by for too long while Mindy slandered her and kept quiet, so as not to go against her own daughter.”

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McCready lost custody of Zander in 2007 after she was jailed for violating probation by allegedly assaulting her mom in a fight over the singer’s drinking and drug addictions.

Just days ago she was given permission to reopen custody proceedings.

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But Cartright says she’s not fit to be a mother until she sobers up.

“Until Mindy changes, Zander is best left in Gayle’s care,” he writes.

“Just because someone is famous doesn’t make them honest. Mindy has made a longer career doing wrong than right.

“She is loved, and her family will stand by her when she chooses to face herself.”

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Readers seeking support and information about suicide prevention can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline on 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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