EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Paris Hilton To Dog Fighting Advocate: “I Kinda Want To Punch Him In The Face”

Paris Hilton, who loves to  travel with her Chihuahuas, appears on the Dr. Phil show Tuesday with two other dogs up for adoption and had harsh words for an advocate of dog fighting, and RadarOnline.com has a preview clip.

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Wearing a pink dress and high heels, the hotel heiress was dragged on stage by two black Cocker Spaniels. “These guys are strong—bigger than my Chihuahuas,” she says.

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The adorable creatures are up for adoption. They are ages 3 and 5. “Their owner went into surgery and never came out. So, they’ve been looking for him all over the house and have been depressed. We’re trying to find a home for both of them. They can’t be separated,” Paris explains.

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Paris has been a long-time animal rights activist and in 2009, she was honored by the Humane Society for Outstanding Contribution To Animal Welfare.

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As part of the episode, Dr. Phil also takes on Rob, who thinks dog fighting isn’t a crime and does it just for “sport.” When asked what Paris thought about Rob, she said “I kinda want to punch him in the face. I think it’s disgusting and it’s wrong I don’t know how anyone can hurt an animal. I think people who do that are very sick in the head.”

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The Dr. Phil episode, which was obviously taped before he shaved off his mustache on Friday, airs in syndication Tuesday.

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