EXCLUSIVE: Michael Lohan Helps Talk Celebrity Boxing Federation Founder Out Of Suicide Attempt

Michael Lohan helped talk Damon Feldman, the founder of the Celebrity Boxing Federation, out of harming himself, or worse, on Sunday, Lohan told RadarOnline.com.

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Feldman was distraught, according to Lohan, because Pennsylvania state officials have accused his Federation of rigging it’s matches.

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Lohan told RadarOnline.com: “Today at 12:07 pm I received a frantic call followed by an email forwarded to me by Stephanie Ovadia.

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“It was a suicide note (email) from Damon Feldman, the founder of Celebrity Boxing Federation

“Recently, Damon has been targeted by the governor of Pennsylvania, claiming our fights were “rigged”/ “fixed”.WHICH THEY ARE NOT!!!

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“From the note, it appears Damon felt because of this, his life was falling apart and he was in immediate danger of ending it.

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“I called Damon, got him on the phone, I found out his son was with him and tried to talk sense into him.

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“He said that he would only speak to me or Jennaphr Frederick at Fox 5 Philadelphia.

“After sharing my own experiences with him and trying to make light of what he is facing and what he has to lose, I finally got him to agree, to get his son to a safe place while Kate (Major) searched the internet for Damon and his father’s addresses.

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“I talked him into going to his dad’s house and immediately called the police.”

Lohan told RadarOnline.com that police went to Feldman’s house as Michael kept him on the phone. He said Feldman was talked out of a room by police and taken to a hospital without incident and that everyone is fine.

Ovadia refused comment when contacted by RadarOnline.com

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“Mr. Feldman is my client,” she confirmed, “but I can not comment about this at this time.”

Lohan added that state officials are simply wrong in denouncing Feldman’s federation and that Damon ” is a good person, with a good heart, just trying to make a living at what he knows best…BOXING! By no means were or are the fights I fought in fixed or rigged.”

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Damon Feldman remains in a hospital, RadarOnline.com has confirmed.

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And Jennaphr Frederick tells RadarOnline.com, “I do know that Damon has been distraught over the fixing allegations.”

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