EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan’s Alcohol Progress Report Due Friday

Lindsay Lohan had been given a deadline.

EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan On Track To Finish Alcohol Education Classes On Time

The 23-year-old actress, who has a passion for partying, may have to appear in court next Thursday May 20, but RadarOnline.com has learned that her alcohol education program must provide Judge Marshal Revel with a progress report by Friday.

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The Judge will be paying close attention to the actress’s attendance record. And while sources close to the actress tell RadarOnline.com that she hasn’t attended every class every week, she still is in compliance with terms of the program. Sources say if she misses a class, she always makes up for it later.

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Reports have surfaced that Lohan has exhibited entitlement issues and has a bad attitude concerning her alcohol education program. An insider tells us, “that is categorically false; she has no entitlement issues whatsoever.” As we reported Wednesday, Lohan is on track to finish the program on time by the end of July.

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Judge Revel has made it clear that if Lohan doesn’t comply with her probation, she could go to jail. It’s still unclear if Judge Revel will require Lindsay to attend next week’s progress report hearing, which Judge Revel has said is required if Lindsay isn’t in compliance.

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