EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan Facing Probation Violation Hearing, SCRAM Bracelet

Lindsay Lohan is going be formally found to be in violation of probation, a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com.

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RadarOnline.com was first to report that Judge Marsha Revel is ordering Lindsay to appear in court Thursday for the progress report on her compliance with her probation terms, namely attending alcohol education classes.

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Now we’ve learned that the judge is likely to schedule a probation violation hearing, which will most likely take place in July. If Lohan does not appear Thursday a warrant is likely to be issued for her arrest.

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Pending the probation violation hearing, Lohan could be ordered to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet, known as SCRAM, the source tells us. It’s unclear at this point if Lohan will be sent to jail by Judge Revel, but we are told the judge is taking this “very, very seriously.”

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This would not be the first time Lohan would have to wear the SCRAM bracelet. In 2007 Lohan wore the bracelet to prove she was serious about her sobriety.

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