EXCLUSIVE: Jersey Shore Triple Brawl Friday Fight Night

As the old song says — “Friday night’s alright for fighting” — especially, it seems if you’re the cast of Jersey Shore!

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As RadarOnline.com previously reported, there were several fights last Friday at Miami hotspot, Club Dream – one involving Sammi Sweetheart, which resulted in a lawsuit subsequently being filed, and another involving an unknown, as of yet, cast member kicking a club patron in the head. Now RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned the fight total that night was actually a whopping three big brawls!

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An eyewitness tells RadarOnline.com, “J-Woww’s boyfriend Tom got into a fight too that night, and he and J-Woww were thrown out of the club.

“Their fight was actually the first of the night, before the other two.

“I’m not clear on how or why it started, all I know is that I suddenly saw some guy lunge at Tom, he went to retaliate and a bouncer grabbed him.

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“While the bouncer was holding Tom the guy went to hit him, so J-Woww threw a drink in his face and tried to stop him. Meantime, the guy’s friend  punched Tom in the back of the head, making him fall down on the ground. The guy then lunged at Tom, but Tom managed to get to his feet and ended up throwing the guy over the railings – it was a crazy, crazy scene!

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“Next thing you know three huge bouncers came from out of nowhere, grabbed Tom, whose shirt was almost ripped off, and threw him out of the club with J-Woww in tow.”

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One cast member that wasn’t brawling that night though was Snooki – but there could be a reason for that!

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“Snooki drank so much that she was totally wasted and couldn’t stand  up, she had to be carried out of the club,” the eyewitness says.

Just another regular night out on the town for the Jersey Shore kids!

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