EXCLUSIVE: Jersey Shore Cast “Fighting For Face Time”

The Jersey Shore cast is known for their late-night partying and club brawls and their number of fights have skyrocketed- along with their lawsuits- during the current filming of the second season. RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned the reasons behind the rise in raucous.

“All this fighting is ridiculous and I think they might just be fighting for face time,” says a friend close to the cast.

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RadarOnline.com exclusively reported that MTV has been searching for new “bigger, bolder and more brazen” cast members to add to the house and there have been rumors that some of the current cast will be replaced.

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“I heard they are going to be cut really soon and that puts a lot of pressure on them to be noticed,” the source said.

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Snooki has been involved in three bar fights in the last few weeks alone and on May 7, there were three additional Jersey Shore fights at the Miami hotspot Dream. That night added yet another lawsuit to the growing list of suits filed by clubgoers against cast members, MTV and the production company.

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However, it’s not just the cast who has heightened their behavior while the cameras are rolling. Vacationers and onlookers looking for their slice of fame have targeted the Jersey Shore crew, often heckling them in hopes of inciting a reaction.

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“I realize that they are constantly being provoked by clubgoers who want to be on camera, but sadly they’re starting to live up to their stereotype,” the source adds.

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Radaronline.com previously reported a comment from one bystander that got in a fight with Snooki. The bystander admitted to some zeal over seeing themselves on TV regardless of how they got on it: ”I regret getting her upset but I can’t wait to see it on TV.”

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