EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Lawyer: Brooke Mueller Furious, But Doesn’t Want Charlie Sheen To Go To Prison

Although Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller have had a tumultuous relationship for the last five months, Brooke “knows Charlie will always be the father of her children and she just doesn’t want him to go to prison,” Brooke’s attorney Yale Galanter exclusively tells RadarOnline.com.

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While Brooke is moving into her new home 20 minutes away, Galanter says “Brooke and Charlie are not getting divorced right now. She is furious and she is just trying to put the pieces back together in her life.”

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Brooke and Charlie were introduced to one another by Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart in 2006. Charlie proposed to Brooke on a Costa Rican beach with a half million dollar platinum, 11-carat yellow diamond engagement ring. “They fell in love and thought it would work,” Galanter told RadarOnline.com.

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“When they got married she had the hopes and dreams of any young bride,” he says.

But two years later, the marriage started to crumble.

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“Everything in their marriage was going great until December 25th and it was an incident they both truly regret,”  Galanter said. The couple’s rocky romance has been under siege following the Christmas Eve incident when Sheen allegedly held a knife to Mueller’s throat, threatening to kill her.

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The repercussions put a lot of pressure on their family because of the Colorado protective law that didn’t allow them to talk for three months.

After this incident, Brooke has faced some harrowing obstacles: rehab, a cheating husband, moving out of her beautiful home and all the while taking care of her twins.

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Yale says Mueller is taking it day by day and focusing on her twin boys Max and Bob.

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