EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Joslyn James: Rachel Uchitel’s Job Seems To Be Sleeping With Other People’s Husbands!

It’s mistress versus mistress, as two of Tiger Woods‘ ex lovers do battle, and it’s getting rough.

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After Rachel Uchitel made negative comments about Joslyn James on the Web on Friday, James fired back, giving RadarOnline.com an exclusive interview that leaves no doubt how she feels about Uchitel.

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James, an adult entertainment star, was one of Tiger’s mistresses and told RadarOnline.com exclusively: “I have never said anything negative about Rachel, nor have I said anything about her publicly. I’m not sure why Rachel chooses to talk negative about me when she is doing something far worse than I ever did.

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“She is talking about her relationship with David Boreanaz and it seems like she is a bed jumper.

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RadarOnline.com published exclusive Blackberry Messenger messages between Uchitel and Boreanaz that revealed a hot affair, with Uchitel wanting the “Bones” actor to leave his wife. Uchitel at first said the messages were not real and taken out of context. A day later she said they were fabricated.

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But RadarOnline.com confirmed with multiple sources that the messages are genuine — and there are more.

Uchitel, of course, also denied her affair with Tiger Woods, before taking $10 million from the golfer.

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James told RadarOnline.com: “Rachel is trying to make herself a career from being a celebrity mistress. Way before Tiger I was involved in the adult entertainment world, and I only stopped at Tiger’s request when he asked me. When the relationship ended, I went back to what my former job was.

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“Rachel’s job seems to be to f**k other peoples husbands. Yes, I was involved with Tiger also. I have learned from my mistakes, and it won’t happen again. I’m not trying to break up anyone’s marriage or family as Rachel seems to be.”

“Josyln says she found it amusing that Rachel claims she was a celebrity before her affair with Tiger was made public, “I had never heard of her, had you ever heard of her? That is funny that she claims she was well known before Tiger.”

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James says the only reason she came forward and admitted to the affair with Tiger was because, “I was outted, my name became associated with him, and I had to go public at that point.” James says she is moving on with her life and career, “This weekend I’m at the Excotica Convention in Miami, and next weekend I will be appearing at the Hustler Club in Baltimore.”

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