EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jenna Jameson Says Son Is “OK” After Emergency Hospital Run

Late Monday night, Jenna Jameson’s 1-year-old son Journey was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance after Jameson heard “blood curdling screams” and witnessed the infant “projectile vomiting,” she told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

Jenna Jameson & Son Taken By Ambulance To Hospital

“Last night I was finally for the first time in a deep sleep and I awoke to blood curdling screams. I went to him and he was projectile vomiting and he had just seen the doctor that day,” said Jameson, who was at the hospital for two hours.

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“It’s the standard flu and they hydrated him and they checked all his vitals. He was perfect and it seemed to be that he got everything he needed to get rid of…and he’s ok now.”

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