EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: District Attorney: I Will Put Lindsay Lohan Behind Bars For A Long Time If She Violated Probation

In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Danette Meyers, the prosecuting Deputy District Attorney handling Lindsay Lohan‘s case, told RadarOnline.com that the troubled actress could be facing serious jail time.

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“I don’t know yet if Lindsay has indeed violated probation,” Meyers told RadarOnline.com. “If she hasn’t violated probation, I will be very happy for her and send her on her way.

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“However, if she has in fact violated the terms of her probation, I will be asking the judge for a significant jail time.”

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Meyers went on to say that Lindsay’s fate lays clearly with Judge Marsha Revel as she is the only person who can decide what, if anything, happens to Lohan.

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The progress report for Lindsay’s alcohol education classes isn’t ready yet according to Meyers, and it’s clear that the actress’s fate will depend on whether or not it’s a good or bad report.

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If the report is negative, Lindsay will be ordered to appear in court according to what Judge Revel has said in the past.

Earlier Tuesday, RadarOnline.com exclusively reported that Lindsay’s legal ace attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, Danette Meyers and Judge Revel met in chambers for about 45 minutes to discuss Lindsay’s case.

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It was an informal meeting and lasted for approximately 45 minutes.

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Sources close to the situation tell RadarOnline.com that Judge Revel will be looking very closely at Lindsay’s attendance at her alcohol awareness classes, which she was ordered to attend once a week.

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We are told that even if Lindsay were to attend classes regularly for the next several weeks leading up to the May 20th progress report hearing date, it might be too late for Lohan to avoid the ire of Judge Revel.

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Judge Revel has made it very clear to Lindsay at previous hearings that if she were to violate terms of probation, she would be going to jail.

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