EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Dina Lohan Admits Lindsay Told Not To Come Home

In a shocking admission, Dina Lohan told RadarOnline.com that her daughter Lindsay was told not to come home from Cannes – even though she had a new passport — until her bench warrant was rescinded.

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“We did what we had to do to protect her,” Dina said. It’s a statement that may not be looked at favorably by the judge and prosecutor handling Lindsay’s probation violation case.

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In a wide-ranging interview that was aired live on RadarOnline.com, Dina also claimed that Lindsay is getting tougher justice because she is a celebrity and that the judge “wasn’t quite fair,” according to Lindsay’s attorney.

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Before admitting that Lindsay was told not to come home, even though she had a new passport, Dina insisted that her daughter’s passport had indeed been stolen. Dina told RadarOnline.com: “Unfortunately Lindsay just called me a little bit ago very upset. It’s not her fault her passport was stolen. It was stolen. We have proof that that was to happen. She knows she was compliant with the classes.”

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But when pinned down by RadarOnline.com reporter Katie Rhames, Dina admitted that Lindsay did not come home after getting a new passport – and instead was told to stay out of the country while there was a warrant out for her arrest.

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“We did that for court purposes and the warrant purposes” Dina admitted during an exclusive live webcast on RadarOnline.com late Friday afternoon PDT. “To clear all that up before she hits American soil, which we have done, so she is now able to come.

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“There was no music to face. We were dealing with issues to get her back safely — without an arrest and vacate the warrant. And that takes time, that doesn’t happen overnight. There are a lot of phone calls, a lot of people involved and a lot of decisions being made. So we did what we had to do to protect her.”

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When pressed by RadarOnline.com about who told Lindsay not to come home, even though she had a passport, Dina said: “We were dealing with the attorneys. We have a criminal attorney that pretty much tells us which direction to go.”

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Lindsay’s attorney Shawn Chapman Holley later responded to that statement by telling RadarOnline.com: “I left court, I spoke with Lindsay and told her that I would be making arrangements for bail to be posted so that she would not be arrested upon return to Los Angeles.”

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In the live interview with RadarOnline.com, Dina said that Lindsay “is committed, is serious; she will be there and she will make up the classes, we’re obviously going to do that the minute she lands.

Dina also said that Lindsay may go to alcohol education class on Sunday—and only has two weeks left of those classes.

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RadarOnline.com broke the news to Dina that Judge Marsha Revel postponed her vacation to oversee the case Monday morning instead of letting a replacement judge handle it. Dina says the media circus “put the judge under spotlight and she has to be very cautious and the world is watching her, so she has to be obviously fair. But my attorney said she wasn’t quite fair and didn’t want to hear anything about her stolen passport.”

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Dina said Lindsay has proof that her passport was stolen. Dina says she emailed a copy of the passport to Lindsay, but it wasn’t good enough for authorities. “We have police reports, we have tickets,” she said referring to airline tickets that were booked for Lindsay’s return to LA.

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Dina also says her daughter is getting tougher justice because she is a celebrity.

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“The judge is making an example out of her because of her celebrity status, which I don’t think is fair.”

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Dina sidestepped questions about whether her daughter should go to rehab by saying “We’re going to weigh all the facts and see what would be the best outcome for Lindsay. Until I know what they’re (the court) offering, I can’t make that judgment call.”

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Dina asked the public to respect the family saying “Just pray hard for us and her. And just lighten up. Get Off her back. Leave us alone.”

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The conversation ended abruptly when Dina was advised not to answer any more questions.

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