EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Corey Haim’s Mom Says Coroner Report Vindicates Him

Following the release of a coroner’s report released Tuesday confirming that Corey Haim died of natural causes, his mother tells RadarOnline.com exclusively that she feels her son has finally been vindicated.

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“It’s a positive thing,” said Judy Haim.  “I really can’t say more than that, but yes, it’s a good thing.”

READ Corey Haim’s Coroner’s Report Here:

When asked if she felt the news vindicated her son from critics who assumed Haim had died from a drug overdose, Judy responded: “Yes, exactly.”

In the released report, the specific causes of death were listed as: diffused alveolar damage, community acquired pneumonia, and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with coronary arteriosclerosis.

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As RadarOnline.com reported exclusively, Haim suffered from a pre-existing heart condition for most of his life. Susie Feldman, wife of Haim’s best friend Corey Feldman, told RadarOnline.com that friends tried to encourage Haim to get healthy after doctors told him his heart condition was serious.

EXCLUSIVE: Doctor Told Corey Haim His “Heart & Liver Couldn’t Take Much More”

“He had this thing where if you pressed on his chest, you could feel fluid… I guess it was blood…like squirting out, like his heart wasn’t working right,” Feldman told RadarOnline.com. “Three years ago he went to a doctor to check out his heart. He was told “you’ve got to get yourself healthy, your heart and your liver can’t take much more.’”

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