EXCLUSIVE: Heartbreaker Pauly D Dumps Girl For Her Best Friend

It only seems like yesterday that Pauly D was Mike “The Situation’s” wingman in the first season of Jersey Shore. My how times have changed –and RadarOnline.com exclusively learned that Pauly D has his hands full with in the second season with Miami girls.

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“I thought we really hit it off and then at the very end of the night he left me and walked out with my friend.” a club-goer told our source. “We danced and drank and talked and just had a great time, I really liked him.”

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Pauly D has definately become a ladies man and has his pick of girls in the second season of Jersey Shore. This recent outing was no different; unfortunately one girl left the club with a broken heart.

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“She felt really sad because she thought their evening together meant something.” our source told us of the heart broken girl.

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