EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Wife Requested To Be Made Administrator Of David Carradine’s Estate Before Her Death

In a bizarre twist to the already strange life and death of the late actor David Carradine, his ex-wife, Gail Jensen, formally requested that she be able to chose who will be administrator of his estate – despite the deceased actor being married to another woman at the time of his death – before subsequently passing away suddenly herself.

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS: Read Gail Jensen’s Court Filing

In court papers exclusively obtained by RadarOnline.com, filed April 1st at a Los Angeles court, Jensen requested that attorney, Tamila Jensen be made administrator.

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Gail Jensen claimed that Carradine owed her money at the time of his death, and in addition that she was owed one half of royalties from Carradine’s hit shows ‘Kung Fu The Legend Continues’ and ‘Spirit Of Shalom.’

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The court documents state, “Gail Jensen is a party to a judgment of dissolution arising from her ten year marriage to decedent. Decedent owed Jensen certain obligation which he did not fullfill and which are now owed.

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“Additionally, Jensen has an order in Marriage of Carradine filed with the court on June 11, 2002 giving her one half royalties from the television show, “Kung Fu The Legend Continues” and “Spirit of Shalom.”

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“During his lifetime decedent never accounted to Jensen for such royalties and never made any payments in satisfaction of said order. Jensen is entitled to nominate a person to act as person representative for decedent.”

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The court documents state that Carrdine’s estate was valued at $100k and that Carradine died without a will. Carradine was married at the time of his death to Annie Berman.

Gail Jensen’s nominee shared the same last name as her, but it is not known at this point if the two were related, or if it was merely a coincidence.

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Jensen died late April after falling and hitting her head. She was married to Carradine for 11 years and was his  third  wife.

Following Carradine’s death last year, Jensen revealed exclusively to RadarOnline.com her ex-husband’s taste for kinky, auto-erotic sex and his hanging death in a hotel room in Thailand has been linked to an auto-erotic sex act.

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