EXCLUISVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Twilight’s Peter Facinelli “Inspired” By Wife Jennie Garth

Twilight star Peter Facinelli presented the Inspiration Award to his wife Jennie Garth Friday at a luncheon in Beverly Hills and RadarOnline.com spoke exclusively with the couple about the honor. 

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“She’s an inspiration to me everyday,” Peter said adoringly about 90210 star Jennie to RadarOnline.com.  “I’m presenting the Inspiration Award to my wife and that’s why it is important for me to be here,” he explained.  Does he inspire her too?  “Yes,” Jennie told RadarOnline.com but Peter joked that he only inspires her on “Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.”

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The Step Up Women’s Network 7th Annual Inspiration Awards were celebrated at the Beverly Hilton Hotel by Hollywood women trying to help make a difference in the lives of other women and girls through mentorship, networking and advancement.

Sexy model Stacy Kiebler, in a stunning short dress, said this is her favorite event of the year.  “It’s so inspiring to see these young girls change to be more confident and go to college.” 

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Kelly Rutherford joked about how she’s been staying so fit.  “The stress keeps the weight off!  Have a few children, go through a divorce, be a single working mother supporting your kids, it’s great, it’s busy but it is empowering.”

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“It’s important to provide great mentorship for young women who are lost, confused, the Holden Caufield’s of their generation,” Heroes star Elizabeth Rohm said.

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