VIDEO: Taiwan’s Susan Boyle Sings a Duet With William Shatner

He’s being called The Susan Boyle of Taiwan.

24-year-old Lin Yu Chun became an overnight sensation when the short, chubby singer blew away the judges on Taiwan’s version of American idol when he sang I Will Always Love You

Susan Boyle: A Dream Comes True

Wednesday night, he will sing an off-the-wall duet with Star Trek actor William Shatner on Lopez Tonight, and has a sneak peek of their version of Total Eclipse of the Heart.

VIDEO: See A Preview of Lin Yu Chun’s Duet With William Shatner

Although he was voted off the Taiwan show Super Star Avenue, Lin Yu says the show has given him confidence in pursuing a singing career. And, he obviously has a committed audience.

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His videos on YouTube have more than 12 million views; his Whitney Houston song alone has more than 5.8 million views.

VIDEO: See Lin Yu Chun Sing “I Will Always Love You”

Chun’s appearance on Lopez Tonight is his first appearance on an American late-night talk show.

EXCLUSIVE: Susan Boyle Arrives In LA

George Lopez‘s talk show airs on TBS at 11 p.m. on Wednesday.

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