VIDEO: Larry King’s Wife Gave Ex Lover Three Hints She Was Ready

Hector Penate is telling all about his affair with Larry King‘s wife, and he says he got three hints that “she was ready to go,” has learned.

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The 31-year-old was hired by Larry to train his son for baseball, but within two weeks a deep flirtation began with Shawn King.

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Hector tells Entertainment Tonight “Larry was out of town, I show up at the kid’s gate and I kinda felt like I saw her reaction. And she got a little flirtatious with me. I could feel her coming on to me.”

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He says she gave him three hints “she was ready to go.”

“Number 1 was ‘Oh when I stayed at Hawaii this beautiful suite you know beach front–if you and me would have been there– it would have been great.’

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“Second one was– on our way to the store–we passed by Beverly Hills, I guess it was a premiere, and she said ‘We’re gonna look so good on the red carpet walking together.’

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“Third one, we passed Mr. Chows and the paparazzi were there..she said ‘Awe paparazzi we look so good we’ll get all this attention.’

Hector claims the forth time he couldn’t resist: “I’m a man…I had to do something…I had her back in the car we kinda locked eyes and from there we started kissing.”

The Shawn King-Hector Penate affair allegedly took place in 2008; and Larry King is accused of having his own affair– with Shawn’s own sister Shannon.

Larry and Shawn King have filed for divorce, but Larry’s lawyer says they will hold off for two weeks to work several issues out.

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