VIDEO: Larry King Takes Night Off To See Son Pitch

Embattled Larry King has his priorities straight. He took the night off of his CNN TV show to have quality time with his son, has confirmed.

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Tavis Smiley filled in for Larry on Thursday night. He opened the show by saying “Good Evening I’m Tavis Smiley sitting in for Larry King tonight. Larry’s son Chance is pitching an important little league game tonight. He’s back tomorrow with Willie Nelson.”

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Larry is in the middle of a nasty Hollywood divorce from Shawn, his wife of 12 years. Divorce papers citing “irreconcilable differences” were filed Wednesday. The couple is fighting over custody of their two children 11-year-old Chance and 9-year-old Cannon. And both have accused each other of cheating.

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Larry and Shawn set aside their differences Thursday evening to see their son play baseball in a Beverly Hills park.

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