VIDEO: Jenna Jameson Says Tito Ortiz “Threw Me Down”

Adult Star Jenna Jameson says her live-in boyfriend UFC fighter Tito Ortiz threw her down to the ground prompting her to call police, has learned.

Tearful Jenna Jameson Comforted Dad; Shows Bandaged Arm

After Huntington Beach, California police took Tito away in handcuffs, Jenna went directly to the CVS drug store to get some ice packs. She emerged with a huge bandage over her right arm.

Jenna Jameson’s Boyfriend Tito Ortiz Arrested For Domestic Violence

Jenna was comforted by her father, Larry Massoli, who was at the home during the alleged domestic violence and called 911. She said she wasn’t going to the hospital. Her only concern was her kids, who she says did not witness the incident.

PHOTOS: Tito Ortiz Arrested

And she confessed, “I love Tito. It’s just sad that this happened.”

Lawsuit Doesn’t Keep Jenna Jameson Down

She had a warning for other women: “I think it’s important that any girl that goes through domestic violence—not let it go.” Jenna says this is the first time that this has happened.
The police report says no weapons were used.

Tito Ortiz Sued

PHOTOS: Jenna Jameson Leaves Home With Bandaged Arm

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