VIDEO: Hollywood’s Handsome Men Mend Hearts

Normally they break hearts, but some of Hollywood’s handsome men were on hand for the third annual Children Mending Hearts event in Hollywood — along with!

Ben Affleck brought along Jimmy Kimmel and Tate Donovan for the cause. Alyssa Milano and Elizabeth Berkley were there, too.

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Children Mending Hearts helps children around their world the power to use and find their voice through creative expression.

Said Milano: “It’s an organization that encourages or empowers kids to find that creative voice, is amazing.”

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And like the money, the jokes flowed also.

President of the Handsome Men’s Club Jimmy Kimmel told “I think that’s part of being handsome, helping other people grow up to be as handsome as they can.”

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Ben Affleck agreed, but said: “I think I’ve been thrown out too, for the beard!”

You be the judge. Watch our video here.

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