VIDEO: The Donald Crushes Wrestling Star Bill Goldberg On Celebrity Apprentice

Not many men can look a behemoth like Bill Goldberg in the eye and coolly tell him he’s fired, but Donald Trump is no ordinary man.

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The Donald sent wrestling star Goldberg packing on Sunday night’s edition of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice after the wrestler’s botched stint as manager for a county music-themed project exposed his weaknesses.

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Goldberg, a pop culture sensation with World Championship Wrestling in the late 1990s, was in charge of his team Rock Solid.

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Their project was to makeover CMA Award-winner Luke Bryan, while the women’s team, Tenacity, had the same task with country crooner Emily West. The winner was to be determined by the quality of performances later in the episode. Ex-Celebrity Apprentice winner/country music superstar Trace Adkins made a cameo appearance, supervising the efforts put forth by each team.

While the men were lauded on doing a decent overall job with Bryan, the women’s team won again, and the bald-headed grappler paid the price, leaving the Tenacity with an astounding 5-2 advantage as the season plods on.

Celebrity Apprentice airs on NBC Sundays at 9/8c.

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