VIDEO: AnnaLynne McCord Makes A Splash On Earth Day

AnnaLynne McCord plays a scheming diva on 90210, but in real life she’s a sexy star with soul.

The blonde beauty taped a PSA for The Thirst Project to promote Earth Day, and has your exclusive first look.

“If you could save someone’s life for 20 dollars would you do it?” AnnaLynne asks on the PSA.  She got involved with the organization when she met CEO/President Seth Maxwell at the CNN Hero Awards last November.

PHOTO: AnnaLynne McCord And Seth Maxwell During Taping Of PSA

“She believes if you are given a voice you should use it for good,” says Maxwell. On the PSA, AnnaLynne says “I believe water is a human right.”

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Maxwell says during the taping last Thursday McCord was “super lovely and talkative and wanted to learn as much as she could.”

PHOTOS: Kellan Lutz And AnnaLynne MCCord In St. Maarten

She told him she wants “to drill in the field and work with the people” who bring safe water to thousands of people all around the world.

Up Close With AnnaLynne McCord

Maxwell points out that 1 billion people don’t have access to clean water and every 15 seconds a child dies of a water-related disease.

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And, we just had to ask, where was hunky boyfriend Kellan Lutz? Maxwell says he was on his way to the Coachella music festival during the taping, but they were texting back and forth all day.

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