Tori Spelling Turns Into A Wedding Planner

Just one day after the launch of the new season of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, Oxygen announced that a spin-off show is in the works and has the scoop.

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The former star of 90210 has been dabbling in wedding planning.  In fact, on one episode, she planned the Palm Springs wedding of her Guncles (gay uncles) Scout Masterson and Bill Horn.

And, now Oxygen has green lit a pilot called Tori & Dean: Weddings.

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The press release for the show says it “takes one lucky couple’s wedding from average to amazing.”  Tori will work with the bride-to-be, and Dean will be on the groom’s side.

Tori Spelling Is A Designing Woman

On twitter Tuesday, Tori tweeted , “Announcd @oxygen upfronts.. R new pilot Tori & Dean:Weddings. My party plannin skills/ Dean’s take it 2 the wall attitude we plan UR DREAM wedding.”

The couple made the announcements while standing on top of a giant wedding cake.  The pilot has not been film yet.

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