Tiger Woods Nike Ad Scores Low, One Viewer Says “Ick”

The new black and white Nike commercial featuring a silent Tiger Woods and his dead father’s voice is getting low scores from viewers, RadarOnline.com has learned.

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Adweek reports that an Ace Metrix online panel of 500 adults gave the commercial low scores for persuasion and watchability.

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One of the viewers said, “Commercial is in very poor taste — using his dead father’s voice as if it applies to the recent scandal,” and, “That made me actively uncomfortable — it capitalized far too much on somebody’s personal life for the sake of selling something. Ick.”

Another viewer said “There is no hint of emotion”.

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The 30-second commercial received an overall score of 365 out of a possible 950 points. Most sneaker ads score around 501.

The spot was the lowest-scoring commercial in the category since a Nike/Serena Williams commercial that ran last September, around the time Williams had an outburst at U.S. Open. That ad scored 353 overall.

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A year ago this month, Tiger had a much higher approval rating for a spot the golfer did for Gatorade; it was 157 points higher than his latest Nike ad.

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