Tiger Woods’ Latest Mistress: More Women Are Coming Forward

Devon James, the 15th woman linked to Tiger Woods‘ serial cheating scandal, has audio tapes, photos and text messages of her alleged romps with Tiger – and she says even MORE women are about to come forward and reveal their affairs with the golfer, RadarOnline.com is reporting.

In a new interview, James also revealed that she had a threesome with Tiger and said she feels sorry for his wife Elin because she still doesn’t know much of what her husband did. She also said that she had sex with Tige while Elin was pregnant the first time.

On the eve of Tiger’s much anticipated Masters comeback, James’ charges show that Woods is still mired in the cheating mess that derailed his career and his marriage.

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In the new interview with an Australian radio station, the Tampa Bay porn star says she has plenty of evidence to prove her claims against Tiger and didn’t rule out releasing the content – as Joslyn James did – to prove her two-and-a-half year affair with the philandering golfer. Yes, expect email, text messages and more.

And James also claimed more mistresses will emerge.

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“I promise you there will be plenty of other girls coming out,” James said.

James said she met Tiger when she and another escort received an “out call” from the golfer, for which they were paid $2,000 each.

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“I had another girl, that I was good friends with, who was also a porn star in the Tampa area and she called me and said, ‘Hey girl, we got an out call… come with me, come with me, let’s go and make some money,'” James recalled, in an interview on Australian radio.

“I walked in and it was like, wow… It was kind of awkward.”

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James admitted she then “benefited on a regular basis” from Tiger.

When asked what he was like in the bedroom, James said: “Dirty, dirty, he was pretty nasty. He was dirty, bad, bad, bad – in the bedroom.”

The adult film star, who came forward for the first time last week, admitted she felt sorry for Woods’ wife Elin.

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“She isn’t aware of everything that has gone on and if I were her, I would take everything she can and run,” James said.

“That would be my advice.

“He talked a lot about his personal life… I guess it was sort of embarrassing.

“I felt bad for his wife, I felt bad he had two kids, I felt bad that she (Elin) was pregnant with his first kid (at the time).”

James said she doesn’t think Tiger has reformed, despite his media-managed public apologies and television interviews.

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“I don’t,” she said, when asked if she felt Tiger was genuine in his remorse.

“I don’t feel it is genuine because several people have contacted me and said stuff.

“Who has he actually apologized to. His family? His wife?

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“What does that mean for the countless amount of girls who he has done this with? It doesn’t really mean anything to any of us.

“You’re sorry (Tiger) because you got caught!

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“You’re not sorry for the heartache you put your wife through, or what your kids are going to say about you in ten years from now.”

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