Tiger Woods Fires Back At Criticism, Says Business Is Still Good

Tiger Woods may still be under intense scrutiny, but he clearly isn’t letting the criticism of bad press hold him back from moving forward. At a recent press conference regarding the upcoming Quail Hollow Championship in Charlotte, North Carolina, he addressed the backlash of his recent night out and confirmed that despite everything, business was going well.

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“Yeah, I went to the concert, had a great time, Nickelback,” Woods said about his recent outing which drew ire from the public who took it as a sign that Woods was having too much fun for someone whose marriage is falling apart. “A couple of the band members are friends of mine, and that’s why I went. I just had a great time. And unfortunately I got criticized for seeing my friends.”

PHOTOS: Tiger And His Wife Through The Years

Despite losing some lucrative endorsement deals following the public unveiling of his numerous infidelities, Woods confirmed that his other endeavors are doing quite well.

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“The course design business has been good. Everything is progressing there. We just had a few environmental issues we needed to get through, some impacts, but that’s all been passed, and now we’ve ready to go. We’ll start moving dirt here pretty soon. We’ve got the clearance, but now we can start moving and creating a golf course.”

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When asked if his off the course dalliances had any impact on his dealings, Woods answered: “No, we’re still getting offers, offers all over the world to design golf courses, it’s just a matter of do I have time to do it.”

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